Want to know more about our program? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, email us directly at onlinereputationbooster@gmail.com

How many reviews do I get per month?
With our review posting service, we can publish safely 7 – 10 new reviews online that are spread out across your online review listing sites. The amount varies per month. We use the word “safely” because we use old, mature accounts (local to your area). We do not want the review posting to look unnatural to your potential clients or to the search engines.

Is this ethical and white-hat?
Yes. We will use reviews and client testimonials that your clients send to you. We have found that businesses have a hard time actually getting their clients to post a review online. While they may send you the feedback, they may take months or years to actually go online and write a review – or they may not want the hassle of creating an account to do so. We make the process easy. We use your real reviews and make sure they are published so your business can continue to grow. All of the methods we use are natural and accepted as white-hat. We are not creating false accounts – we use mature accounts local to your zip code.

What happens after I sign up?
If information is needed, we will email you within 24 – 48 hours of signing up. Typically, we need basic business information to set your account up within our system. However, we will email you directly for all of this information and any other details that may be needed.

Can I just focus on one review site instead of multiple?
Yes. If you would like us to only post reviews to one review listing site, we can do that! A most popular choice is to only have Google+ reviews. Google+ works differently than other online review channels. We can safely publish 3 – 5 new Google+ reviews per month to your account. It may take 2 – 3 weeks to get started here, however, after we begin publishing, you will see continuous reviews post.

How fast will I see the first reviews publish online?
After you register for our services, we will need a couple of business days to confirm your business listing information and set up your account. You will then begin to see your first reviews publish to your review sites within the next 7 business days. This gives us time to collect reviews to publish, answer any questions you may have and get the process rolling.

Can you publish to Yelp?
Unfortunately, Yelp is one review site that we have not been able to post to. Yelp has an extreme ‘filtering’ algorithm that does not allow many types of reviews to post — not just ours. Typically, on a Yelp page, there will be a section underneath your actual reviews titled “x amount of reviews filtered” — many businesses find their real and positive reviews listed here. It’s unknown at the moment when Yelp will fix their algorithms. The best way we combat Yelp is to optimize and promote your other online listings — outranking and delisting Yelp as your other listings become most relevant.