How Does It Work

We provide you with an advanced online review harvesting program that gives you the ability to collect reviews from your customers and clients. The program is entirely online through the cloud. You will not have to install any software to your computer. Just login online and your there. You can also use the program to send out emails to your clients for future marketing, or to ask them for a review. This stops negative reviewers in their tracks – they have an outlet to get out their frustrations – preventing them from going to other online websites to leave a review. With this review harvesting program, you will have an online dashboard that allows you to monitor your new reviews, send out custom emails to clients and more.

If you use our monthly review posting services, then we take the reviews that have been harvested and use advanced formula’s and technology to post the reviews naturally and organically to your online review listings. Online review listings include G+ (Google Maps), CitySearch, InsidersPages and more.

(You can also choose to only purchase our review posting services or the software by itself!)

Here is a complete explanation of the software, it’s features, and abilities:

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Screen Shots

BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbBusiness Owner Dashboard
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbEasy Account Setup
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbInternal Feedback Page Automated Funnel
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbPositive Feedback Page With Review Sites
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbNegative Feedback Page With Survey
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbExternal Feedback Page For Website
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbWordPress Plugin To Display Reviews On Site
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbBusiness Owner Training
BusinessOwnerDashboard-thumbReal Time Reporting – Filter By Employee